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Watch: Restorative Reset at Yoga Vibes

My newest video available at Yoga Vibes is a sweet restorative practice to enjoy using a chair or coffee table. Here, you can see the full 58-minute video in 30 seconds!


Let’s be real—we all need more rest. This hourlong restorative yoga practice with Sage Rountree delivers just that with three deeply relaxing poses. You’ll begin in a supine position, utilizing a chair to elevate your legs and release tension in the psoas and lower back. From there you’ll move into a gentle twist, finishing with a cozy, supported savasana. This practice is the antidote for frazzled nerves, a tweaked back, or insomnia.


3 to 4 blankets, chair, bolster (or large pillow/cushion), 2 yoga blocks (or several thick books), sandbag (or bag of rice), eye pillow

If you’d like a discount on a year’s subscription to Yoga Vibes, which also comes with a really nice Jade yoga mat, use the code sagevibes and you’ll save $50!

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