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Watch: Thirty-Minute Restoration at Yoga Vibes

My newest video available at Yoga Vibes is a short restorative practice well worth thirty minutes of your time. Gather your props, put on your favorite relaxing music, and settle in and down. Here, you can see the full practice sped up.


We get it—setting aside time for rest can be challenging. As the title of this class indicates, Sage has put together three restorative yoga poses that can be practiced in thirty minutes (although you’re welcome to take longer of course). Gather all your props together and settle in for the coziest half hour of your day! You’ll need three to four blankets, a bolster or cushion, sandbag (or rice bag), and an eye pillow or mask if you have one.


3 to 4 blankets, bolster (or large pillow/cushion), sandbag (or rice bag), eye pillow

If you’d like a discount on a year’s subscription to Yoga Vibes, which also comes with a really nice Jade yoga mat, use the code sagevibes and you’ll save $50!

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