The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, German Edition (Regeneration für Ausdauersportler)

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery, German
The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, German edition

The unexpected joy of my year thus far has been the utter delight I’ve taken in the German edition of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery—or Regeneration für Ausdauersportler. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know how wonderful it would be.

The English edition of this book—which focuses on what to do when you aren’t training (I’m an expert in not working out)—has an attractive two-color layout, with some black-and-white photos, and nice blue color in the tables and “Sage’s Gauge,” a barometer that displays the utility of various recovery modalities in graphic format.

The German edition, on the other hand, is a riot of color, with dozens if not hundreds of illustrations. Best of all, there’s a beautiful blonde who, for want of a better term, interprets the text. For a non–German speaker like me, it’s a great insight into the content of the text. She looks frustrated when her ankle hurts, exhausted as she finishes a bike ride, relaxed when she meditates. Catch a glimpse using Look inside the Book on

Buy your copy at and read more at the website of the publisher, Spomedis.

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