woman resting in corpse pose

Unlock Deep Peace: Sign Up Now for Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga Nidra

Learn to lead students how to go within to find deep peace. Yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation that leads students through the layers of their being to reveal a sense of essential connection and well-being. I hope you’ll join me for Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga Nidra, a workshop geared to meditation and movement teachers and students from any background. You’ll learn how to design and deliver yoga nidra classes and recordings.

If you’ve ever been interested in guiding your students (or maybe just yourself) on a journey of introspection and serenity, now is the perfect opportunity.

Why Should You Attend?

Delve Deeper into Yourself: Dive deep into the koshas, the layers of being as defined in yoga philosophy. It’s a transformative experience, not just for your students, but also for you.

Customize Your Practice: With personalized imagery and language, make each yoga nidra session truly your own.

Avoid Common Pitfalls: Learn to preemptively tackle common challenges like discomfort and snoring during sessions.

Confidence Boost: Our hands-on approach will equip you with the confidence to lead sessions both in person and recorded.

Mentorship: After the in-person meeting, I’ll be there to review your yoga nidra outlines and offer guidance. Think of it as a one-on-one masterclass.

Early Bird Pricing: Why Wait?

There’s an added bonus if you act quickly: our early bird pricing. Save $50 when you register before September 28.

Please remember: the workshop includes a preassignment you’ll need to complete beforehand. So sign up soon to ensure you have ample time for preparation.

We welcome teachers from any movement modality, or even none at all. You don’t need to teach to enjoy the practice of yoga nidra!

Dates/Times: Saturday, October 28 (10 a.m.–1 p.m. & 2–5 p.m.), and Sunday, October 29 (10 a.m.–1 p.m.)
Venue: Carrboro Yoga Company
Early Bird Pricing Ends: September 28