Yin Yoga for the Moment

On Tuesdays in March, 6–7 p.m., I’ll be leading Masked Yin Yoga in a small, socially distant group at Carrboro Yoga. (Please join me if you are in the area—preregister here.) We will explore 2–5 minute holds of poses on the floor, no standing.

Yin Yoga is the perfect practice for this moment, as we round the bend of a year of limbo and discomfort. Not because yin needs to be uncomfortable, but because a yin yoga practice gives us a laboratory where we can be still and stay with sensation and our reaction to it for a longer period of time. It trains us to be with things as they are, for longer than we normally would.

If you’re an antsy person who doesn’t like sitting for meditation, yin yoga is a way to be grounded in your body while practicing mindfulness.

If you’re feeling out of practice with your body, or looking for an entry point to yoga, yin yoga gives you a chance to customize the practice to your needs without ever leaving you behind the group.

If you are unsure about doing yoga in a mask, yin yoga doesn’t elevate your heart rate or respiration rate, so it feels doable. The mask even enhances the experience: it’s one more thing to notice as you hold each shape.

For all these reasons, I hope you’ll come to class! If you aren’t local, check out these classes with me on Yoga Vibes:

The code sagevibes will save you 25 percent on an annual subscription.