A still from a video where model is on hands and knees with one leg behind the other

Watch: Yoga Snack: Shoulders, Spine, and Hips

My latest video on Yoga Vibes is a yoga snack—that is, a short sequence that will appease your movement hunger, especially in the middle of a workday or as a transition into or out of your day. Along the way, you’ll engage your shoulders, spine, and hips in every direction.

Here’s a preview of the 12-minute sequence.

You can see the full follow-along video here. If you want to commit to a year of yoga, the code sagevibes will save you 25 percent on an annual subscription to Yoga Vibes, and you’ll also have access to hundreds of other wonderful classes, notably the many great ones from my colleagues Alexandra DeSiato and Jenni Tarma.

Here’s a quick tip about a move in the sequence, which you can apply to any threading-the-needle twist!

If you like this snack, stay tuned for more—you can put them all together into a full practice feast. To learn more about the nutritional components of a yoga snack, check out these resources: