Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe Recap

What a wonderful group of yogis practice at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe! I had an absolutely wonderful time with all of them. As I promised them, here’s a recap of what we did.

I hope these practice notes will help jog your memory. When there are online depictions, I’ve included a link. Underlined sequences appear in The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga.

Friday Night: Restoration

Child’s pose/prone corpse
Lateral child’s pose
Prone twist
Pulsing lunges:
-low lunge
-psoas stretch (back-leg side’s arm lifts overhead)
-psoas stretch w/twist (look under raised arm)
Wild camel
Reclining twists: reclining figure 4, half Lord of the Fishes, cow-face, eagle-leg twist in both directions:
Bridge articulations

Saturday Morning: Strength and Flexibility 

Supine single-legged warmup
Rolling like a ball
Tall mountain flow
Arrow lunge: Arrow lunges: and
Planks/core: Static core/alternate with stretches, and table core, both described in detail here: and illustrated in part here: and here:

Saturday Afternoon: Focus (Yin Yoga)

For more on yin yoga: Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers
Sleeping swan
Wide child’s pose/frog
Twisted roots

Sunday Morning: Core Fun/Wall Fun

Child’s pose
Inchworm flow/alternatives to the standard vinyasa:
Core plank series
-swing leg forward/balancing crescent lunge
-swing leg to opposite elbow/ITB stretch or side plank variation
-swing leg to same-side elbow/lizard or tripod twist or quad stretch
Half moon on knee (table core):
Wall folds:
Legs up the wall or corpse

Grosse Pointers and everyone: I’ll be teaching a weekend of yoga for athletes at Kripalu for Labor Day weekend—registration will be online soon.