I’m having a great time so far on my tour of western Canada, presenting Yoga for Runners clinics at Mountain Equipment Co-op stores, courtesy of prAna. As I told the sweet participants in Vancouver this morning, I’ll write a full practice list when I get home later in the week and post it here. If you want to be sure to get it, add this blog to your reader or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

After today’s clinic, I spent several hours wandering around the city. (If I get inspired tomorrow, I know my workout: short blocks of uphill runs in the Cambie Village neighborhood, because I can turn at the top of the hill and admire the gorgeous view toward downtown.) There are a few pictures on Instagram. It’s nice to be back and in a different section than I last visited five years ago for triathlon Worlds. It’s also nice not to be swimming in the 53-degree water!

In my journeys, as I noticed that pedestrians wait at traffic lights whether or not a car is approaching, it struck me that there’s no impetus to jaywalk here. When you push the I Want to Cross button, you’re met with an immediate Got It! chirp, and the stoplight changes within five seconds. Impressive.