Content Role Model: Jenni Tarma

Last month, I launched the Content Workshop, a workbook course for movement teachers. (Read all about it here, and use the code SRWORKSHOP to save $10 on it or on the package of the Content Workshop and the Movement Workshop through May 31.) As I developed the course, I ran it past my most trusted colleagues for feedback. Each of them has developed some really useful content of her own, and I’m delighted to highlight these women’s excellent work on Thursdays in May.

I’ve saved Jenni Tarma for last! Jenni and I met when she took the online version of Teaching Yoga to Athletes. The thoroughness of her homework assignments blew me away, and I forwarded an extra-credit assignment she wrote on yoga for surfers right to my editor at Yoga Journal, who ran it as is. We met in person when she came to assist me at Kripalu (embarrassingly for me, that is when it finally sunk in that her name—she’s Finnish—isn’t pronounced like Jenny, it’s Yen-ni).

Learn from Jenni via:

“Sage Rountree’s Content Workshop is as thorough and thoughtful a course as one could wish for. The depth and detail included make it useful both for people getting started and wanting to learn from the ground up, as well as the seasoned content creator looking for structure and guidance in refining their output. Highly recommended!”

I’m so grateful that we have Jenni leading the team at Carolina Yoga Company, and excited to grow together. If you’re inspired by her as I am, you can get started helping people with content of your own by taking the Content Workshop.