Newly Certified: Jenni Tarma


This is Jenni Tarma, holder of the record for Highest Word Count in Teaching Yoga to Athletes Homework. Each of her assignments as she moved through the certification process included several pages of precise, complete, well researched information. She’s both a natural teacher and a natural writer—you might remember that one of her homework assignments became a piece for Yoga Journal. She’s since done more wonderful writing for the magazine, like “5 Common Myths about Athletes’ Tight Hips.”

Jenni doesn’t just sound like a rock star: she was one, coming to running and yoga to balance her work as a musician touring the world. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she teaches weekly classes, explores CrossFit, runs lots, and surfs from time to time.

Jenni’s beautiful website is, and you’ll definitely want to follow her on Instagram, too.

I’m excited to have Jenni on board as my assistant for these upcoming programs at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health:

Join us and benefit from her knowledge and attention! And, if you’re keeping score, Jenni, originally from Finland, will be the third consecutive Scandinavian woman whom I’ve had as an assistant for Teaching Yoga to Athletes, following in the big footsteps of Sisse from Denmark and Sara from Sweden.

JT1If you’re in southern California, you’ll enjoy Jenni’s workshop at Santa Anita Hot Yoga this Sunday, October 25:

Hello, athletic friend! Are you, by any chance:
  • Curious about how yoga might be useful for you, but also kind of scared of the acrobatics and pretzel shapes?
  • Interested in improving mobility, but worried that you’re too inflexible for yoga?
  • Needing a stretch, but lacking the know-how?
  • Looking for ways to speed up recovery and maintain the health of your joints?
If any of the above applies, this workshop is for you. We’ll look at how yoga can complement your training in ways that are relevant and applicable to your athletic goals, including boosting recovery, increasing range of motion, avoiding overuse injuries, and making your workouts safer and more effective. The format will be part movement and part lecture, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Zero flexibility or yoga experience required, beginners very much encouraged!

Your yoga teacher, Jenni, is also a long-distance runner, a Crossfitter, occasional surfer, and Yoga Journal writer. She is a certified Yoga for Athletes instructor, and works with athletes of all varieties.