Postview: Wilmington Yoga Center, Yoga for Athletes

I had a sweet group of yogis at Wilmington Yoga Center yesterday. They were especially good at practicing pratyahara, internal focus, given the stimulation of the ongoing expansion at WYC. The space, already fantastic, will soon be even better with the addition of a third studio. I love teaching there, as it’s like Bizarro Carrboro, with the studio located over the co-op, perfect for snacks post-practice.

As I promised my students, here’s a list to what we did with notes about where to find it. The YogaVibes links will take you directly to the right place; there’s also a full range of my yoga for athletes classes there.

Six moves of the spine, supine

In The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga and on YogaVibes

Rolling like a ball

In The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga

Parking lot yoga

On YogaVibes and at Yoga Journal

Balancing: Dancer/Tree/Standing Pigeon/Eagle, Crow


Functional core sequence, here on the blog

Christina’s World flow

Prone twist, pinwheel pigeon, wild camel, available on YogaVibes

Reclining twists

In The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga and on YogaVibes. We worked especially with the figure-4 configuration, dropping it to both sides, including Half Lord of the Fishes (inner quads) and the other way (outer quads)