Practicing Yoga at the Studio Desk

Ten days into studio ownership, I can see how this role will be an extension of my yoga practice. Amid all the paperwork, getting up to speed on office systems, lining up instructors for the March schedule, working on revisions to the waiver, finding a working VCR for childbirth classes, cutting keys that will open every door at the studio, and dozens of other details, Lies and I have had to keep track of a lot.

The question throughout: What needs attention in this moment? When I can answer that, I can consider: How will this reflect my intention—to make yoga accessible to the people of our community? And when I ask: Where can I find more energy to be open and share and create?, I find the answer: in recognizing what needs attention in this moment.
The same applies both on the mat and on the trail. What is the need of your body in an asana practice? In breath exercises? In meditation? In an interval? Between intervals? A few times over the course of the day, check in. What needs your attention? Where can your energy be of most use? Pause, listen to the answer, and your next action will be clear.