Recovery Webinar

Tuesday, August 17, I’ll be leading a webinar on my new pet passion, recovery. There’ll be CEUs offered for USA Triathlon coaches, but the content will be useful for all athletes—not just endurance athletes. Those who attend the live webinar can ask questions. If you can’t make the time (it’s 6 p.m. EDT), you can still register and you’ll be e-mailed a link to download the webinar after it finishes. Please join me!

You can register here. The full description:

A USA Triathlon Webinar

Topic:  Enhancing Recovery

Presenter: Sage Rountree

Date: Tuesday, August 17

Time: 4-5pm Mountain, 3-4pm Pacif, 5-6pm Central, 6-7pm Eastern


USAT Member or Coach: $24.99 (0 CEUs)

USAT Coach: $34.99 (1 CEU)

Non-USAT Members: $39.99 (0 CEUs)

All the hard work put into training is useless if the athlete doesn’t take time to recover, absorb the effort, and grow stronger. USAT Level II coach Sage Rountree explains the physiology of recovery, describes ways athletes can track their own recovery, and explains methods to ensure athletes recover fully between workouts and races. These methods include everything from ice baths to compression socks, power naps to powerful massages. You’ll learn which methods are proven to aid in recovery, and which aren’t worth your time and money.

If you cannot attend this webinar at the specified date and time, you can still register in advance and the complete webinar recording will be automatically emailed out to you after it is completed.