Sample: The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

My new book, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, will be on bookshelves in the next few weeks. (You can preorder it on Amazon now.) The book is a treatise on rest: what to do when you aren’t training so that you can support your hard work and reach peak performance on race day. Recovery is a critical element of training, and it hasn’t yet been covered in a book written for athletes. The book is a culmination of a lot of research and interviews, as well as my own experience as a coach and athlete. I’m very excited to share my findings and advice with you.

If you’re excited, too, you can get a sneak peek of the book by downloading this sample. If that inspires you to learn more, watch my video series on recovery topics produced by or read my column, Serious Recovery, at Lava Magazine.

The sample doesn’t include the epigraphs, but here’s one that makes me smile every time:

“Training = stress + rest. The most important component of this equation is rest, but no one is going to get rich writing a triathlon book about rest.” —Tom Rodgers, The Perfect Distance

Maybe not, Tom. But I’ll get by with a little help from my friends. Preorder here.