Southeastern Collegiate Fitness Expo

This past weekend, I had the privilege of teaching at the Southeastern Collegiate Fitness Expo at N.C. State in Raleigh. The expo, which brought together rec center workers from across the Southeast, was held at State’s lovely Carmichael Recreation Complex. I taught three classes: a Yoga for Athletes class, Spin and Yoga, and a master class at 8:00 (!) on Sunday morning to the entire group, over 300 people. What a fun experience! This was my view from the stage was the yogis moved through Supta Ardha Matsyendrasana.

As many of the students asked for a breakdown of what we did, I’m posting one here. I’ve linked to online examples where I can; most of these sequences appear in The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga.

Saturday, Yoga for Athletes

Inchworm flow (reverse vinyasa: with cobra and locust
Lunges from down dog: high lunge; balancing high lunge; low lunge; balancing low lunge; tripod twist; tripod twist with cross quad stretch; flipped dog (in part as here:
Happy baby

Saturday, Spin and Yoga

Q: Where can you relax more, especially in the upper body, while maintaining efficient effort in the lower body?
5 min. easy, 3 x :30 @ 100 rpm, :30 @ 80 rpm
3 x (3 min. @ 90–95 rpm; 1 min. easy; 2 min. @ 70–80 rpm; 1 min. easy; 1 min. @ 110+ rpm; 3 min. easy). All “on” efforts are moderate, zone 3 feeling: i.e., you can talk in full sentences.
Standing stretches:
Boat pose/seated cross-legged fold/boat with twist/seated cross-legged fold/boat with lift & lower/seated straight-legged fold/reverse table/reverse plank
Seated twist and side stretch
Music: Jai Uttal, “Bhakti Bazaar”

Sunday, Master Class
Supine single-leg warm-up: hip circles, tree pose on back, cross-body twist, shoulder circles
Rolling like a ball to tall mountain, balancing in the squat to tiptoes
Arrow lunge:
Planks/stretches: and illustrated in part here:
We did plank/half bow, half locust/plank with leg lifts/half bow, half locust/plank with lift to downward-facing dog or dolphin/full bow/side plank/easy twist, mermaid stretch, “wild camel”/boat/bridge/boat/wheel
Reclining twists: reclining figure 4, half Lord of the Fishes, cow-face, eagle-leg twist in both directions:
Happy baby
Music: “Shakti Rhythms with Shiva Rea”