Speaking of DVDs

Now that I’ve mentioned the availability of my yoga DVD on Amazon, it’s backordered! You can always order direct from Endurance Films. While you’re at it, order a copy of the Rides: North Carolina DVD (trailer above).

This DVD was a lot of fun to work on. I assembled a group of my clients and friends to ride the course of the Carrboro Classic Duathlon (formerly Powerman North Carolina). The producers filmed the riders as I drove ahead of them—very closely, and very slowly—in a rented Sebring convertible. There are also some fun “helmet cam” shots mixed in. The workout starts with some hills, then segues into three long tempo intervals, making it great for triathletes. We added a brief series of standing stretches after the ride.

You can choose whether or not to listen to my voice-over, which makes me glad. I can hardly stand to hear my voice on the trailer, so I can’t imagine doing the workout more than once with the coaching track playing.