Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Spine and Hips

tl1For those of you interested in the thinking behind why we do what we do in my yoga for athletes classes, here’s a new series at Yoga Vibes! Filmed during my Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, these classes include explanation about the theory behind my sequencing, with ample free time for you to explore the poses in your own body. The series includes 10 classes, both short and long, and will be running over the next 10 weeks. The first class is an exploration of the six moves of the spine and four lines of the hips.

If you’re really interested in the theory, please join me for an in-person version of the intensive (say, at Kripalu in January 2015) or take the entire course online anytime.


In this class, filmed on Day 1 of Sage’s Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we explore the six moves of the spine and four lines of the hip. In a standing flow, you’ll move your spine in every direction. Then, use a lunge as a home base to explore the front, back, inner, and outer regions of the hips and thighs. Along the way, Sage explains her rationale for incorporating these poses into every sequence. Have a block available. (34 mins.)

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