Yoga for Outdoor Athletes Tour of REI Stores

Once again, I’ll be spearheading a tour of REI stores to present on yoga for outdoor athletes on behalf of my wonderful sponsor prAna. Last year’s events featured me and my assistant Steve Krojniewski; this year, more of my colleagues, students, and protégées will join, and we all really look forward to seeing you!

Each event is open to athletes of all sports and all levels of yoga experience. We’ll be teaching a beginner-friendly class targeting outdoor athletes and answering your questions about how yoga and training mesh. Everyone who comes will receive a sweet gift from prAna, to boot. At only $10 for both members and nonmembers, this is a great opportunity to connect with a teacher who shares your interests and to jump-start your yoga practice for 2015. Space at some of the stores is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot. Bring a yoga mat, an open mind, and all your questions about yoga for athletes!

Classes with Sage Rountree

I’ll be in the Seattle area one week and the midwest/NYC another.

Seattle Area

Midwest/New York City Area

Classes with Steve Krojniewski

A certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher, Steve has assisted me in my teachers’ intensive, helped me cover last year’s tour, and works with Notre Dame athletes to achieve their personal best. He’s sure to give you lots of great tips! Visit his website.

Classes with Ingrid Yang

Ingrid is a wonderful yogi, a JD, a medical student, a beautiful Instagrammer, and author of Hatha Yoga Asanas. Visit her website.

Classes with Rob Loud

Me and Rob at the Everyday Yoga photo shoot
Me and Rob at the Everyday Yoga photo shoot

Rob’s work has illustrated my writing for Yoga Journal, and he’s one of the models in my forthcoming Everyday Yoga (preorder now!). Visit his website.

Classes with Thierry Chiapello

Thierry is soon to finish the Carolina Yoga Teacher Training. He’s passionate about yoga for athletes and, as a former marine, understands the mindset athletes bring to yoga—and the ways yoga can help athletes prevent injury and recover from training.

Classes with Kim Helgans

Kim has a certification in Sage Yoga for Athletes, has been a longtime protégée of mine, and works with major collegiate programs. Visit her website.

Class with Lauren Reese

Lauren was a sweet addition to my Teaching Yoga to Athletes program at Kripalu in January. She’s co-owner of Breathe Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia.

Class with Alexandra DeSiato

Me and Alexandra, whom I lovingly call my understudy
Me and Alexandra, whom I lovingly call my understudy

Alexandra is my senior assistant—and, as a backpacker, a voracious REI customer. Visit her website.

Class with Kortni Campbell

Kortni is a graduate of the Carolina Yoga Teacher Training and both a great teacher and a strong but light-hearted athlete.