Content Role Model: Alexandra DeSiato

Last week, I launched the Content Workshop, a workbook course for movement teachers. (Read all about it here, and use the code SRWORKSHOP to save $10 on it or on the package of the Content Workshop and the Movement Workshop). As I developed the course, I ran it past my most trusted colleagues for feedback. Each of them has developed some really useful content of her own, and I’ll share them over the next four Thursdays.

Let’s start with Alexandra DeSiato, my collaborator on the book Lifelong Yoga and at the blog of the same name. Alexandra is an English professor as well as a yoga and Pilates teacher, and her communication skills, both written and in person, are absolutely wonderful and clear. Alexandra also has these excellent resources for you:

Here’s her nice testimonial on the Content Workshop: “With this offering Sage helps yoga teachers find an authentic way to market their skills and expertise. As yoga teachers, we are givers. We’ve found something that works for us, and we want to share it with others. But even if you have something really good to share, unless you figure out how to share it well (and widely), or your energy and expertise go to waste. This workshop offers a step-by-step program to help instructors find a clear voice around content, figure out how and where to market that content, and then smartly create good content so that the people who most need it will be able to find it.”

I’m so grateful to work closely with wonderful people like Alexandra! If you’re inspired by her as I am, you can get started helping people with content of your own by taking the Content Workshop.