Core Strength for Real People: It’s Not Easy!

I’ve been having such fun with the Core Strength for Real People brand! I’ve changed the title of my Wednesday noon class at Durham Yoga from Pilates to Core Strength for Real People, indicating the hybrid of yoga asana, Pilates exercises, and balance play we enjoy in class. And I’ve been loving every aspect of the Core Strength for Real People video series, which I’ve planned, recorded, and edited all by myself.

If you want to get stronger, you have to challenge yourself. There’s no change without stress. So while the sequences I teach are quite friendly to beginners, they are also tough work. When I record the sequences, I’m not only trying my best to demonstrate, but also talking throughout—and trying to smile. It’s a lot! This supercut is a look at what happens right after the closing namaste during the video recording sessions.


Again—no challenge, no change! Challenge yourself by following along (with the sequences proper, not the video above!). You can rent, download, or subscribe—visit to get started.