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I Miss Mondays the Most

Of all the routines that have shifted, my Mondays have changed the most during the shutdown. Used to be I’d meet my running friends for the same strides workout, spend time doing desk work, go to the studio, take Alexandra’s Pilates class, then teach Yoga for Athletic Balance. The best part was coming home after class to the same meal every week: a bread-cheese-and-salad spread that my family would eat in front of the TV while watching Sunday night’s HBO shows on the DVR.

I’ve been teaching that Monday night class for sixteen years, so with vacations and holidays factored in, I’ve done it almost 800 times. The student group includes some really long-term regulars who I know are missing their yoga-and-beer routine.

Hopefully within a few months we’ll be back together for the comfort of familiar habit. Meanwhile, for my regulars and everyone, some suggestions. You can save $50 on an annual membership to Yoga Vibes using code sagevibes.

If you’re missing the mellow part of class

If you’re missing the spicy part of class

If you want to reenact “doing the double”

Bonus points if you can get your hands on a Weaver Street Market baguette and eat it with an arugula salad while watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

We’ll meet again!