Listen: Runners Connect Podcast on Racing Wisely

I had a fun time discussing Racing Wisely with Will from the Runners Connect podcast—we covered a wide range of topics, from intention and goals to his meaningful PR in the 5K in a high school cross-country meet.

Do you need a step-by-step guide for minimizing the stresses that surround a race?

pigeonThat’s what this week’s guest, Sage Rountree, set out to produce when she wrote the soon-to-be-released book Racing Wisely.

Sage is a yoga instructor and running coach and Racing Wisely is her fifth published book. In her previous four books, she focused on recovery, but this time she’s tackled an issue that’s never before been covered by an entire book: racing.

Sage really does a fantastic job of unpacking the step-by-step process behind racing and presenting it in a fashion that allows one to focus on a simple task: running to the best of their ability on that day (rather than worrying about all of the little things that can easily destroy a great race!).

You can listen in your browser or download the whole discussion here.