Read: Standing Core Strengtheners

RWWe all know that having a strong core improves our running and everything else we do. But it’s easy to slack off on doing your core work. For the May 2015 issue of Runner’s World, I contributed a quick, no-excuses routine you can do immediately after your workout, or as a standalone sequence in the middle of your office, the airport, the shopping mall—wherever. (And, to my delight, I realized that I made a headline on the cover—check out the red circle!)

standingcrunches_200_0You know you’re supposed to work your core. Strong ab, back, hip, and glute muscles generate power and guard against injuries. But it can be easy to skip good-for-you planks after a run, when a hot shower or yummy brunch awaits. The solution? Tack your core work onto the end of your run, before you’re distracted. This yoga-inspired routine improves posture, boosts balance, and works the entire core. No mat required.

See the full routine—and a video illustration—at