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Registration Open: Running Summit CLT

One of the highlights of the speaking circuit I was on pre-pandemic was the Running Summit. This continuing education workshop always has fascinating, professional, and friendly speakers. Here’s me with the absolutely lovely Coach Jack Daniels in 2015.

And now the Running Summit is back! Join me and an impressive panel of speakers Saturday and Sunday, December 9 and 10, in Rock Hill, SC (just across the state line from Charlotte, NC).

You will discover the best, scientifically backed ways to train and to help others train better.

Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, you will learn a ton. And you’ll enter next season with actionable ideas, clear eyes about what works and what doesn’t, and excitement about using what you’ve picked up.

I’ll be presenting a practical yoga-for-runners session and a lecture called “The Coach’s Guide to Recovery,” keyed to the forthcoming second edition of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery.

Read all about it and register here. The code SAGE will save you $25!

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