Schedule Preview: Carolina Yoga Company’s Yoga Teacher Trainings

You know what’s fun? Yoga teacher training. Whether or not you ever intend to teach, undergoing a training helps you crystallize and deepen your relationship with yoga and with yourself. You’ll grow in all kinds of unexpected ways, and you’ll enjoy going through the program with a cohort of like-minded colleagues.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

At Carolina Yoga, we offer three versions of our 200-hour yoga teacher training:

It’s not too soon to be thinking about these! A typical first step is to take a class with me, ideally in person, but online if you aren’t local. This is not me assessing you; this is for you to assess me, specifically to see whether my communication style makes sense to you. You don’t need to want to teach like me; you just need to be able to understand my presentation style, as you’ll be listening to me a decent amount over the program. We can also chat a bit so I can answer your questions about the program.

My classes are Mondays at 6 p.m. in Carrboro (Yoga for Athletic Balance—it’s NOT athletic yoga). If Mondays don’t work, you can get a sense of my teaching at Yoga Vibes. Or look at, where I’ve been live streaming my class. Then we can set up a time to meet or chat on the phone, or you can send any questions over e-mail.

The next step is to fill out an application!

300-Hour Advanced Studies Yoga Teacher Training

If you already have a 200-hour training under your belt, our advanced studies yoga teacher training (aka a 300- or 500-hour YTT) helps you go deeper. In the program, you’ll deepen your understanding of yoga pedagogy, philosophy, and professionalism and sharpen your skills so that you can better serve your students and your community. Our 500-hour yoga teacher training program contains both required modules and electives. You’ll finish with a thorough grounding in alignment, anatomy, and yoga’s transformative tools, while having freedom to explore in depth the special topics that most interest you.
We offer most of the core curriculum both over the school year (September 2018–March 2019) and in odd-numbered summers (summer 2019 courses are already scheduled, though our website presents only the next twelve months; click here to see everything we have on the calendar). You are also invited to take any of the modules à la carte, even if you are not formally enrolled in the program. See our continuing education schedule here.