So Long, Live Stream

It’s been a fun experiment to live stream my class weekly to Facebook and Yoga Vibes. What a treat to be able to reach students from all over, both those I’ve met in person and those I haven’t! If you’ve been part of that group, you know that we have been having ongoing problems with nailing down the setup, which required a complex combination of reliable Internet and wireless sound. This proved difficult in our downtown setting, where interference on the frequencies we needed meant we never knew whether we’d be able to deliver a full, smooth class experience. And of course I need to give my full attention to the students who are physically present!

Thus, tonight will be my last stream to Facebook and the Yoga Vibes live stream beta site. But don’t dismay: you’ll find over 100 videos of my classes, long and short, at Yoga Vibes, and some of the original live streaming attempts at my Facebook Page. And we hope to have a live stream rotation once a month or so on Facebook, when we get the technical side worked out.

Join me tonight at 6 p.m. EDT, and we can enjoy Yoga for Athletic Balance in real time! And the class itself continues, as it has for 14 years, at Carrboro Yoga.