The Last Yoga Class I Taught

Two weeks ago yesterday, I taught my last yoga class. My business partner and I had just resolved to suspend all studio operations at the end of the day. I was subbing yin yoga for a colleague who began social distancing before the rest of us caught on. I stood at the door to hold it open as the students trickled in. Among them were five members of the St. John’s University men’s basketball team, who were in the middle of a Big East tournament game when it was cancelled at halftime. They came home with a local teammate to settle in away from New York.

In yin yoga, we focus on letting go. We take a shape that we can hold for a long time, let go of tension and squirminess, and stay for a while. As the class held the shapes, I was mostly quiet but said something like, “Yin yoga teaches us to be with things as they are.” A student lifted her head and gave me the thumbs up.

Settle in to the shape. Soften. Breathe. When you grow restless, when you start to wonder when it will ever end, take another breath. And another. And another.

I have some follow-along videos if yin yoga appeals to you:

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I also filmed this tip on yin yoga for you to do if you find yourself sleepless. I hope it helps.