Online Classes and Courses Galore

I hope you’re staying centered and calm (enough) this week! Yoga can help a lot. For many years, I’ve been amassing an extensive library of online classes for students of any amount of experience and continuing education courses for yoga teachers, so if you find yourself in need of some at-home de-stressing or something to do while your kids take their own online courses, here are some suggestions—and a few special deals.

If you are tense and want something mellow to calm you down

Check out the yin and restorative yoga classes at Yoga Vibes. These are doable using props from around the house—take a few cushions off your sofa, pull out a chair from the dining room, roll a few beach towels together. You can even fashion your own sandbag out of a bag of rice!

If you are going stir crazy and want something to challenge you

Have fun with my Core Strength for Real People video series. You can snack on any one of these short sequences, or put a few together to burn off any anxious energy.

If you are new to yoga and figure you might as well try it now

Check out the Building Blocks of Balance and Everyday Yoga series on Yoga Vibes. You might also order a copy of Everyday Yoga, available in a spiral-bound edition that will lie flat on your mat, as well as e-book format.

If you’re a yoga teacher wanting to capitalize on your time at home

Check out the courses at Sage Yoga Teacher Training. These range from short workbook courses to my full-featured Teaching Yoga to Athletes certification.

If you’re a yoga teacher looking to help your own students virtually

Take the Content Workshop, which will help you plan, produce, and promote online classes or other content of your own.

If you’d like a deal on any of the above