Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Momentum, Core, and Inversions

In this class, filmed during my five-day teaching yoga to athletes intensive (also available online!), we explore principles of working from the core and controlling momentum. If you like to play, this is the practice for you! Expect to giggle and learn plenty as you roll around and maybe kick to handstand at the wall.


Yoga Class Description

In this yoga class for athletes and everyone, recorded at the end of Day 4 of Sage’s Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we play with controlling momentum from the core. You’ll warm up your core and your sense of humor as you roll in and out of a squat, and lift up and down to tall mountain pose. Then take what you learned into hand standing, finding a new sense of balance and alignment. Finish with a series of forward folds and hip stretches done at the wall. Along the way, Sage explains the anatomy of the hips and hamstrings and teaches you to find deep release while protecting your back. Have a block, bolster, space at the wall, and blanket available. (48 mins.)

Suggested Yoga Props

block, bolster, space at a wall, and blanket

Watch the full practice at Yoga Vibes.