Sage in a yoga pose: both knees bent from a belly-down twist

Watch: Yoga Snack: Tree Frog Flow

My latest video for Yoga Vibes can be a standalone yoga snack or can be a warmup or a late-in-the-practice sequence. If you’ve been practicing with me for a while, you might know it as Six Moves from Roy, or have seen it in Everyday Yoga as Six Moves of the Spine Supine, One Leg.

It’s an absolute favorite of mine, and I hope you’ll love it, too.

Using the belly as a home base, we’ll work around the shoulders, spine, and hips in a mellow but deep way. If you’re a fan of yin yoga, hit pause to extend each of the poses to up to 5 minutes in duration. This entire sequence will be down on the mat, and can be done pretty much anywhere. Practice it before getting out of bed in the morning to loosen up any stiffness before starting your day!

Here’s a taste:

Stream the full video here. And if you want to subscribe to a year of Yoga Vibes, you’ll save 25 percent with the code sagevibes.

Stay tuned: this is one of several yoga snacks that can be served together to create a multicourse meal. Each part will roll out in the weeks to come.