In Praise of Juil Sandals

Regardless of my thoughts on minimalism in running shoes (a can of worms I greatly prefer not to open), I am a wholehearted advocate of letting your feet move naturally and, in yoga, in running, and in general, using only what we need to get the job done and nothing more (with a few aesthetic exceptions). It’s a big part of why I’ve been wearing my Kigos daily for months now. So when Juil sent me a (darling!) pair of sandals to try, I was grateful for their offer.

Remembering new worries that flip-flops aren’t great for your feet (for example, this and this), I went with a pair that offer plenty of upper, so my toes don’t have to clench to hold the shoes on. The pewter upper is lined with hot pink, and the soles have copper insets. (My colleague Diane describes this feature here.) I’m enjoying these cool shoes during our heat wave.

They came, beautifully, in this lovely green box with a yoga mat bag. I put the bag to good use last month, trotting from my family’s apartment to the Yoga Journal Conference, and I left it there with my favorite mat for future trips.

You can browse Juil’s line on their website and like them on Facebook. Their style is evident there. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine. Thanks, Juil, for the lovely gift.