Practice, Practice, Practice

F Minus

Most of what I do—and, I’d bet, most of what you do—all day is filling in the spaces left out in success-story montages. It’s the work necessary between setting a goal and reaching it. Much of it is tough, much is repetitive, and the progress comes in fits and spurts, rather than following a linear path. (And there’s no 80s music playing while we put in the work, is there?)

That makes it extra special when you can enjoy the work itself. Today, it struck me that after six months of getting up to speed in my new role as co-owner of a yoga studio, I’m really having fun with all the small moments of the job. I like checking students in for class. I like writing our newsletter. I even like filing our student waivers and copying our paper schedules. Can you find some joy in your routine today?