Read: 10 Yoga Poses for Runners

It was fun to work with the nice guys at Men’s Journal to come up with ten yoga poses of special benefit for runners.

We worked with yoga instructor and endurance sports coach Sage Rountree, which is actually her real name, to identify 10 yoga poses that will improve your running game. Rountree, herself an accomplished athlete, has worked with everyone from Olympians to ultrarunners to us average folks, and is recently the author of ‘The Runner’s Guide to Yoga.’ “We’re not trying to get runners to touch their toes or get their feet behind their head,” says Rountree. “We’re trying to keep them fluid through the range of motion they use for running, so there isn’t a hitch in their stride that leads to an overuse injury.” That, and it’ll keep you from curling up and looking like a shrimp during the last leg of the race. Her word, “shrimp.”

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