Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Gentle and Restorative

Ahhh, restorative yoga! The sweetest style of yoga, appropriate for virtually anyone. The less you feel like you have time for a restorative practice, the more you need it! The idea of writing The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery came to me while I was in a restorative yoga class. Who knows what wonderful things will happen when you follow along with this luxurious practice, new at YogaVibes?


Yoga Class Description

In this class for athletes, teachers, and everyone, we explore gentle movement and restorative poses to find the appropriate balance between work and rest. Whether you are a vinyasa teacher wondering how to lead a gentle practice, or in need of personal relaxation and restoration, you’ll finish this sequence feeling calm, centered, and clear. Have props handy: a pillow or two, an eye pillow or face mask, blocks, bolster, and a blanket. (76 mins.)

Suggested Yoga Props

pillow, eye pillow or face mask, blocks, bolster, and a blanket

Watch the full practice at YogaVibes.