Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: More Mat-Free Play

If you’ve done my Parking Lot Yoga sequences, you know you don’t need a mat to gain yoga’s benefits of strength, flexibility, focus, and balance. In my latest online yoga class for YogaVibes, we play with two short sequences that require no mat and yield big gains.

In this online yoga class, filmed on the afternoon of Day 4 of Sage’s 2015 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we enjoy more dynamic standing work to do without a mat needed. Engage your legs, hips, and core in a drinking-bird sequence, then balance inner and outer thighs in Sage’s new “Sugarplum Fairy” flow. Put together, these routines make a good short practice; a fine dynamic warmup; or a fun segment for the standing portion of your practice or class. (15 mins.)

Watch the full class here.