Coming Soon: Racing Wisely

Thanks to all of you for sharing with such self-effacing good humor your stories of race-day disasters! Several of them are featured in my new book, Racing Wisely, which will be available in mid-August. (Sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to be notified the moment the book is available.) Here’s a preview:



Race wisely to achieve your personal best.

You’ve invested months of effort into training for your peak race. When the big day comes, how will you perform? All the training in the world is useless if you can’t both execute your race plan and cope with unforeseen events, and subpar training can be overcome if you approach race day with the right attitude.

Whether you are new to racing or have been frustrated by not racing to the level you prepared for in training, Racing Wisely gives you tools—from the practical to the philosophical—to perform to the best of your ability. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right race for your personal strengths
  • Test yourself in training to develop a clear picture of the right race pace and effort
  • Write a race plan that helps you feel calm, prepared, and in control
  • Manage your energy in the week, days, and hours before the race
  • Warm up properly to race at your best
  • Pace correctly for races of every distance
  • Race for a personal best time, or race competitively for place
  • Recover physically and mentally to set up your next personal best

Coach Sage Rountree provides concrete tips and pacing tools for athletes racing endurance events including open-water races, bike races, track, road, and trail running, multisport races, and adventure races. You’ll learn to plan and execute perfect pacing as you race to your personal best, and you’ll gain tools to make the best of whatever situation emerges on race day.

Learn to race wisely: to use your experience to grow stronger, to move faster, and to come through when it really counts.

advance praise

“Sage Rountree has made a career of filling the gaps in guidance for endurance athletes, and she has done it again with this comprehensive and practical guide. Whether your usual race goal is to finish or to win, Sage’s collected wisdom will give you a huge boost toward consistently performing at your personal best in competition. Whatever is holding you back from racing as well as you could, you will find a way through it in these pages.”

—from the foreword by Matt Fitzgerald, author of Racing Weight and The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition