Watch: Free Yoga for Trail Runners Video

Page 66 of the October issue of Yoga Journal features four poses I love for trail runners. You can also see a gorgeous slideshow illustrating the poses here. To complement the story, I recorded a twenty-minute practice featuring each of the poses, and my friends at YogaVibes have graciously made it free to you! If, after enjoying this video, you’d like access to more of my yoga classes for athletes and everyone, please use the code sagefreemonth and you’ll get a thirty-day free trial.


Yoga Class Description

Coach Sage Rountree, author of books including The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, leads this short online yoga practice designed to develop strength and flexibility for trail running. You’ll improve your alignment; challenge your balance; strengthen your hips and lower legs; and stretch your entire body in this short practice. Include these exercises after your run a few times each week for better connection and control on the trails. Check out Sage’s article in the October 2014 issue of Yoga Journal magazine for a breakdown of the 4 yoga poses featured in this class! (21 mins.)

Watch the full practice here.