Watch: Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-40-35-pmThe videos I’ve been posting one by one from my summer Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive are now available as a package. You can choose it in standalone format, or subscribe to YogaVibes and access not only this series, but also dozens more classes with me.

Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016

Filmed live during Sage Rountree’s 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, this series of five videos will help you effectively teach yoga to athletes.  Flexibility, strength, mobility, stability, focus, body awareness and restoration…these are all important when it comes to helping athletes achieve peak performance. Led by Sage Rountree, a widely-celebrated yoga for athletes specialist, this 5-part series builds on her 10-part series from 2015. Learn a variety of yoga-inspired techniques, sequences and stretches to best support your athletes during all phases of their training.

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