Yoga for Runners

I enjoyed working with a fun, jolly, game group of runners, many of them new to yoga, at CYCo. this morning. (If you couldn’t make it, the class will be on Yoga Vibes soon; meanwhile, check out the Yoga for Athletes page there, which grows each week!) Here’s what we did, for their reference and to give you a sense of a good hour-long postrun routine.

Centering: mountain pose
Balance work: dancer, standing pigeon, pyramid in both active and passive spine variations (this is pretty much the Standing Stretches podcast episode), squat
Core: plank, side plank, reverse table or upward-facing plank (Static Core in The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga, aka APGY)
Hips: low lunge, balancing low lunge, tripod lunge with optional quad stretch, runner’s lunge (Lunge Series in APGY)
Windshield-wiper twists and knees-together twists
Corpse pose