Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Balance

My latest video to stream on YogaVibes comes from my Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive. Look how steady everyone is in tree pose! Watching the preview, I loved seeing my Swedish assistant Sara pass through the room.

In this online yoga class, filmed on Day 1 of Sage’s 2015 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we investigate balance—not just balance of the body in space, but balance within the body, top to bottom, front to back, right and left. Move through a slow investigation of your hips and shoulders; build your proprioception by balancing in tree pose both standing and kneeling; and unwind in a mellow sequence based in prone tree pose. Along the way, Sage explains how these poses help athletes find better balance for injury prevention. Have two blocks available. (51 mins.)

Watch the full class here.

If you’d like to do the intensive yourself, you can join me at Kripalu in January or in North Carolina the last week of June. See my full schedule here. Or do the whole thing online anytime at!