Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Standing Poses

Every summer, I offer Teaching Yoga to Athletes at my home studio, the Carrboro Yoga Company. (Registration is already up for the 2017 edition, which runs July 17–21.) I record our practices, so that both the students in them and anyone interested can watch it later. Stream them or download them at YogaVibes, where you’ll also find dozens and dozens of classes with me.

Here’s Day 1 from the 2016 edition. We do two mat-free routines appropriate for athletes in a gym, on a field, or, of course, in the studio. Along the way, I explain what we’re doing and why. If you’re familiar with the Parking Lot Yoga sequence from my other videos or Everyday Yoga, you’ll find a new approach to the transitions between the poses.

See the whole practice here. More are coming throughout the week, and next week you’ll be able to buy the entire series.